Sunday, December 20, 2009

New day at new company

Hi , My name is Moutasem Al-awa. I am a SharePoint and .NET developer with 2 years of experience.
I used to work in SSSProcess (My Old company) and today i started a new job in eBECS, a British company provides Dynamics AX.
This is my first time for blogging and this is a new experience for me, so i hope to enjoy it, get it well and share knowledge and expertise with the community.

Till the next post...


  1. Wish you the best, and waiting for next coming posts ;)

  2. All wishes and luck ...
    Abdussalam Tayeh

  3. Nice to see you blogging brother,

    I will be sure to follow all posts here, i believe that it would be very useful to people who are seeking to increase their knoledge in SharePoint and web development in general.

    Hope you the best.

    Ghaith Al-Qurashi

  4. nice start man, congratulations
    i am sure i'll visit this place frequently, as am sure that i'll see a helpful and rich topics each time i visit your blog.
    Khalid omari

  5. wish u all the best ..
    really it will give me all the help after finishing the sharepoint certificate enshalla ASAP & wish me the best luck ..

  6. "...IT SHOULD WORK"