Monday, January 18, 2010

Records Center and InfoPath 2007 Columns (Fields)

My story started by a simple portal with 10 different workflows and form libraries. The idea was to submit each form to its library, initiate an (out-of-the-box) approval workflow  by code, and after the form is approved or rejected move it to the Records Center.

Everything went well, till i reached the Records Center, Basically the problem was the InfoPath promoted columns (fields) are not mapped  to SharePoint form library (showing as blank columns) inside the Record center, no matter what i did.


I tried to publish the form template as a content type, or as a form library directly from InfoPath with no success. Even though the form is 100% working on other sites templates, so i think there is something related to the Records Center site template which causing things to break.

Till now i have no solution for that issue, no talks on threads, forums. so i posted a question on MSDN to get more details about it.

Hope they will reply soon –to tell you the truth i doubt to get a useful answer :)-

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